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What is Prayer
Importance of Prayer
Ishraq Prayer
Salah for Sick person

Compulsory Salah –

A Muslim must pray five times a day. The compulsory prayers are called Fard in Arabic. Each unit of prayer is called a Rakah. Fard prayers are:

Fajr: 2 Rakahs

Zuhr: 4 Rakahs

Asr: 4 Rakahs

Maghrib: 3 Rakahs

Isha: 4 Rakahs


Sunnah Salah-

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) prayed extra rakahs in addition to fard prayers. These prayers are called Sunnah.

Sunnah prayers are:

Fajr: 2 Rakahs before Fard

Zuhr: 4 before Fard and 2 after

Asr: 4 (optional) before fard

Maghrib: 2 Rakah after fard

Isha: 4 optional before fard, 2 rakahs after fard and 3 Witr. (odd number rakah)


Times when you must not pray:

  1. From the beginning of sunrise until after 15-20 mins later.
  2. When the sun is at it’s height (Zenith or Meridian)
  3. From the beginning of sunset until it is fully set.